RSA: Remote Access Service
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RSA: Remote Access Service

WindowÂ’s NT Remote Access Service (RAS) extends the power of Window NT networking to anywhere you can find a phone line. WindowÂ’s NT RAS is a dial-up networking product and appears on the desktop as a Dial-Up Networking icon

Window’s NT Remote Access Service (RAS) extends the power of Window NT networking to anywhere you can find a phone line. Window’s NT RAS is a dial-up networking product and appears on the desktop as a Dial-Up Networking icon.Using RAS,a Window NT computer can connect to a remote network via dial-up connection and fully participate in the network as a network client.RAS also enables your Windows NT computer to receive dial-up connections from remote computers.

As a RAS server,an NT server supports the PPP line protocol, as well as NetBEUI , TCP/IP , and IPX network protocols. Because so many internet users access their service providers using a phone line , RAS often serves as an internet interface. NT server is configured to allow 256 simultaneous RAS clients to connect to it (whereasNT Workstations allows for only one incoming connection).

Install and configure Remote Access Service(RAS).Configuration option include configuring RAS communications , configuring RAS protocols , configuring RAS security,m and configuring Dial-Up Networking clients.

RAS Capabilities and Functionality:-

RAS allows remote users on the following system to work as if they were connected directly to the network: Window NT , Windows for Workgroups , MS-DOS version 3.1 or later(RAS version 1.1), and MS OS/2 version 3.1 (RAS version 1.1).

All services typically available to a LAN-connected user(including file and print sharing , database access and messaging) are enabled by means of the RAS connection.

Remote access clients – Windows NT , Windows for Workgroups , MS-DOS , AND lan Manager RAS clients can all connect to a Window NT RAS server.Clients can also be any non- Microsoft PPPclient.

RAS servers – The Windows NT Server RAS permits upto 256 remote clients to dial in. The RAS server can be configured to provide access to an entire network or restrict access to the RAS server only.

LAN and Remote Access Protocols – LAN Protocols transport packets across a local-area network(LAN), whereas remote access protocols control the transmission of data over the Widw Area Network(WAN).Window NT supports LAN protocols such as TCP/IP , IPX , and NetBEUI , which enable access to the Internet and to NetWare and UNIX servers.Window NT supports Remote Access Protocols such as PPP , SLIP on RAS clients , and the Microsoft RAS protocol.

WAN Options – Clients can dial in using standard telephone lines and a modem or modem pool.Faster links are possible using ISDN.You can also connect RAS clients to RAS servers using X.25 , an RS-232C null modem , or using the new point-to point tunneling protocol(PPTP).

Internet Support – RAS enables Windows NT to provide complete services to the Internet. A Window NT server computer can be configured as an Internet Service Privider , offering dial-up Internet connections to a PPP client.A computer running Window NT Workstation can dial into an Internet – connected computer running Window NT server 3.5 or later or to any one of a variety of industry standard PPP or SLIP- based Internet servers.

Security options – Windows NT logon and domain security , support for security hosts , data encryption , and callback provide secure network access for remote clients.

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