Is Internet Really Secure ?
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Is Internet Really Secure ?

Are you worried about all those things going on Internet ? Is it secure ? Should you make online payments ? How does it work ? How do you know if it's a scam or not ? What do people mean when they say the "Internet is Secure" ? In the following lines I'll answer some questions to help you better understand all of the so called secure Internet.

How does the Secure Internet works ?

Web browsers and Web servers communicate with each other via a secured protocol with encryption that is very powerful and very flexible. You know that you have a secure connection if the address (URL) displayed in the browser bar begins with "https://" instead of "http://" ("s " stands for secure). You should also see a padlock on the left or right side of the URL bar depending on your web broswer. In Google Chrome, for instance, the "https" and the padlock will be highleted in green and placed on the left site of the URL bar, whereas in Internet Explorer the "https" will stay in black and the padlock will be located on the right side of the bar. However Internet is not only about the Web (HTTP protocol) but is also about many other protocols and applications such as mails, games, chat, file sharing,... Each of these examples can cause security problems.

So is Internet Secure ?

Internet is not secure itself. You may be confuse so... Let's put it this way: Internet is a communication center on which secure communications can pass or not depending on the applications and tools that are used.

A secure Internet is essential for online banking, online trading and other high-value transactions and access to highly personal information via the Web. Almost all companies and governments often use the Internet to access to highly confidential information and valuable. If the Internet was not secure all these exchanges would be impossible. Therefore Internet is secure ony when it is under a certain form of communication.

Well if Internet is secure, how come we always hear about Security Problems ?

Well, I'll try to be as simple but informative as much as I can:

Internet security relies on the user to make sure it is on the right website.  Will you be able to spot a fake website? Your Internet service providers rely on you ... While surfing on the web you may find phishing or malware attacks that attempt to lure you to a site that copies the original, but belongs to criminals. You may also be a victim of "man in the middle" attacks that are taking action between you and the website and try to intercept your session to divert or steal your login credentials. Those attacks are the most frequent ones out there. In addition to that some website are just frauds, trying to look like a legit website, some website will make you download a virus.

As you many now understand, best to be cautious when surfing on the web.

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