How To Protect Your Computer from Malware
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How To Protect Your Computer from Malware

Tips on how to protect your computer from attacks by various forms of malware. Various programs to be loaded on the computer which should catch viri, trojans, etc. as well as personal practices one should implement such as never opening emails, (not just attachments) from persons one doesn't know or from sites one is unfamiliar with as well as avoiding all those freebies which come with all sorts of spyware
When you get that new computer, as you remove the plastic know this; 1) Any Malware Protection Program that is preloaded on that computer is probably obsolete 2) You can not safely connect to the Internet without the strongest and most up to date protection available This means that the only way you can safely connect that new computer to the Internet is as a 'slave' to another computer. By connecting your computer to another, which is loaded with defense mechanisms, you can download the most current and powerful Malware protection onto your computer. (Any geek can do this kind of 'insulating' connection) Once your new computer is well armored, (two different programs are often recommended) then you drive onto the Information Highway with some confidence. However, the best applications may not protect you from stupidity. 1) Never open any email from persons or organizations you don't know. 2) Never open any 'private messages' via some web site from people your don't know. "Here's some photos we took of Emily..." "You've received a private message from Karen Fander.." I don't know any Emily, and why would I want to see her photos? I don't know any Karen and I haven't been on the sending site for years. 3) Never open any 'gift' 'gift card' or 'You Won! email' The best scams start with; "You've just received $500 from Paypal..." "You've received a $500 gift card from Amazon..." As most people use Paypal or Amazon it seems legitimate. In most cases, it is a legitimate Trojan about to be loaded on your computer. 4) Never download any Free Games on your computer. Most of these 'free games' are paid for by a host of spyware. The least offensive simply loads a pile of pop ups, ads and links to obnoxious sites. The worst open you to all forms of phishing as they collect your data and ship it to unscrupulous sources. 5) Constantly update and change your various malware protectors on a regular basis. Go from AVG to Avast to Iobit etc. and back, so that you always have new protection on your computer. 6)Periodically disable all possible methods of connection the the Internet. That is, shut off wireless connection, pullout cables, even go where there is no connectivity. At these points when your computer is totally alone in the great Cyber Ether run your malware protection programs, do all your housekeeping, from Disc clean up to defrag, and all other possible operations, i.e. deleting history, etc. 7) Be very careful connecting to any 'free movie download' site. Many of these are scams which will load malware onto your computer. 8)Try, as often as practicable, to use a Proxy server when connecting to various sites. By going through another computer, not your own, you should be protected from Malware. Your best defense is to be proactive

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