Facts About Electronic Act Violations. You Just Got Scammed
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Facts About Electronic Act Violations. You Just Got Scammed

Learn as much as possible to prevent commercial fraud, electronic act violations and to ensure that your interaction with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail and with other relevant accounts are within the framework of safe and secure on line interaction. If you or anybody you know has been recently scammed or there has been an attempt, then this is a must read fact article for you about on line communication and electronic act violations, Phishinhg

Scams are all too common these days. What makes us sit up and take notice is when it happens to someone you know or when it happens to you. Have you or anybodyelse you know been scammed recently. No? Well, I have and this is what my research delivered about scams...electronic act violations.

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1. Identifying Electronic Act Violations

You've heard it all before. In fact, if you're anyone who is everyone, you have probably been affected by scam emails. Using your Spam box filter is the normal reaction to spam, apathy or worse...mean and nasty commentaries from people who know better. Until a scam manages to steal your life through what in essence is described as identity theft, email account / internet hijacking and removes your (internet) safety and security and continues to violate you on a daily basis and rob you of your reputation, you will never truly be able to empathize with the experience. This is what happened to me.

2. Computer Internet Email Account Hijacking

Computer internet email account hijacking is the taking of online accounts that do not belong to the taker. The hijacker essentially steals your on line life that may be your business, affiliates, referrals and so forth. This is a form of electronic violation that is punishable by law.

Phishing for Identity Theft

3. Identity Theft

Identity theft is the illegal use of your name for whatever purposes. Once an account has been hijacked, the use of your personal information, emails, names and professionalism is used unlawfully. Everything appears to be above board, but is actually in violation of the Electronic Act.

4. Fraud

Fraud is when what has been stolen is later purchased, accessed or used unlawfully. A blank bank or credit card could be purchased, but if not used, would not be considered fraudulent. It may however be a crime that could easily be explained by some half baked excuse.

5. Commercial Fraud

Commercial Fraud is when fraudulent activity is mainly for commercial benefit such as extortion. Identity theft and using the stolen identity to extort money from the victims associates, colleagues, businesses, bank accounts, friends, family, etc. is a good example of commercial fraud. It is a criminal electronic violation act and is punishable by law.

6. Extortion

Extortion is when money is gained through illegal means such as Account Hijacking, Identity Theft and through any violation of the electronic act. The scam artist(s) appear to have hacked my account through what is believed to be a process called phishing whereby they randomly access anyone's account and track their keyboard strokes. The account passwords are then exposed and they appear to have legal access as they enter the your account.

It can be anyone doing this from anywhere in the world. In a technological advancing world, they leave very little trace except when they make significant mistakes that deny you access to your own account, deleting folders, removing contacts and changing pertinent information. For example, they may change your default email account or break links to accounts. It starts in small ways.

Mine was changed after the first email received. I responded to a message found in my Google inbox from Yahoo .com that my password and information was changed. My response was to report that my account had been compromised. A good example is when through phishing (random hacking and monitoring of keystroke activity) scam artists gain unlawful access to email accounts even after you have modified account information.

Internet safety and security is compromized and the account holder is continuously violated and left exposed on a daily basis with his / her reputation being dragged through the international mud and posted on scam sites. The worst of it is the lack of protection and systematic recourse. The scam artists must know this. This is what happened and is presently happening to me. I was deleted from the stolen circulation lists and left me with no trace of any administration or recent activity. This would explain why I was the last to find out about the scam being run under my name, personal address and with my professional signature! It is very likely that they may end up reading this article.

However, I trust that in due time the scam will run its course without any success. I have after a period of long deliberation with the authorities, been given the green light to report the matter and lay a charge of Electronic Violation. We have a lot to learn about these matters. I am patiently awaiting a response. Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge.

More Relevant Information

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Author's Disclaimer Note

All the information provided is true, original and authentically written to the best of my knowledge and is legally binding.



Author’s Personal Note of Acknowledgement and Thanks

Thank you to those who prayed and were concerned about my well being. I am however, safe in South Africa and not in Spain, Madrid. I wish you all the best for the coming year. May it deliver supportive, prosperous and safe online communications without any electronic violations. Thank you for your professionalism, understanding and patience in respect of this matter.


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