Facebook Social Network: Behind The Scenes
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Facebook Social Network: Behind The Scenes

Facebook now allows much more than just a social media product. Search your social utility power that now offers other services.

Do you know your phone number is revealed on your friend's Facebook page? The social utility site states the contacts are yours to view, however hackers get into secure passwords, so why would they be limited to only that area of your PC? Even if no one sees those phone numbers, but your friends, aren't there friends you would not want calling you? Ok, I will stop with the questions, yet can't wonder why Facebook determined to use their power so that everyone should know their friend's phone numbers. That is not a question that needs an answer. Facebook is sometimes used as a social media and disturbingly enough to some; not to be considered a phone book.

Determine for yourself and prove the above information as factual. Go to your Facebook account. If you don't have one, remember these instructions should you create an online Internet account with Facebook and make this discovery.

Your HOMEPAGE is where you will find all this information by following these steps where your friend's phone number will be revealed. At the top right, hit the ACCOUNT area. This will allow you to view a drop down menu to select from several options. Choose EDIT Friends. Immediately scan to the left of the screen and click on CONTACTS.

As soon as this is done, you will be able to view each and everyone of your contacts with their landline phone, Skype and cell phone numbers. Photos will accompany the company or individual listing too. With this new open platform no search is needed to obtain phone numbers of your contacts. You might want to twitter this to inform your friends of this social network addition.

Over the past two years Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds. Even some writing sites now create a sign into those accounts using Facebook. What once was Associated Content and is now http://www.contributor.yahoo.com works hand and hand with Google, twitter and Facebook. A young writing website http://www.Listmyfive.com allows authors to use their Facebook to sign into accounts to publish or view personal information. There are many more than these mentioned that are Internet platforms being assisted by Facebook and vice versa.

Techcrunch.com connected with Facebook interestingly to provide the TOS (Terms of Service) in layman's terms which was exported by engineers. Please use the link provided below to view this in depth service for brogrammers (no typo), given in summary form.

Photo is courtesy freefoto.com

Resource:  http://www.techcrunch.com

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Comments (16)

Facebook is growing fast, however, one should not put all their personal info inside the social bookmarking as we do not know where this info will go.

Great article. Many people are totally unaware information about them is visible to everyone else online. I didn't realize about the telephone number thing....that's not good! Voted up.

Important and fascinating discussion. I'm sure I share too much information on the web, but its such a useful tool. Thanks for the expert advice on keeping safe.

Beautiful work, Roberta. Your articles are always worth the time to read and re-read.

Very thoughtful of you, Roberta to write an article about this.

Great job on this article. Facebook seems to be everywhere these days. Well done. Voted up.

it has become a part of our lives but we really should be careful on what we impart on this site as the connections are never secure

Thanks for always keeping your readers well informed about important matters in this growing too fast soicety. Voted way up!

Great job explaining this. It really s**** me in the beginning to see my phone number being display. Well, I just got the hang of it. LOL!

Good information on Facebook My husband has an account we sort of share it but dont use it too much, with dial up it takes too long to load.

Excellent job on this article Roberta. Vote you up on a well written and popular subject. Well done.

Useful info. Voted up and also buzzed up. : )

Excellent job on the most famous social net in the world.

Very helpful information, once again, thanks

Don't use it never have never will. Don't like it that as writers we're being force fed FB. Good, good article. voted up.

Voted up. Excellent article