Computer Security Suites: Webroot Internet Security vs. Norton 360
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Computer Security Suites: Webroot Internet Security vs. Norton 360

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Many people use the internet every day - this provides hackers and criminals with countless opportunities to obtain personal your information. Everyone should have at least an antivirus program on their computer to provide a little protection, but to get all-around protection, you'll need full a security suite. Webroot and Norton are two of the leading companies in protecting against computer attacks. Many people have difficulty choosing between these two suites because of their similarities, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each is for a different kind of computer user.

#1 - Webroot

Webroot Internet Securtiy 2011 costs the same amount of money as Norton 360, but Webroot serves as a better all-around security software. This is the perfect product for anyone who uses the internet frequently to submit forms, as it has great protection against keyloggers, and it automatically detects and fills forms for the user. It's internet security tools are very impressive. When tested, it blocked me from going to any harmful websites that contain malware. Also, a feature that is very helpful is its listing of the threat of every website when you conduct  a search through a search engine. This way, you can tell before you click a site if it could cause damage to your computer. Another good security feature is its password generator. Using the same password for all of your accounts is a bad idea, and Webroots created a password manager that creates difficult to crack passwords, and best of all, you don't need to remember them; the program automatically fills the login information in when you go to a website. 

It's antivirus/antispyware software is also top-notch. The software is made to intercept any sort of malware, virus, trojan, rootkit, and worm and even detects brand new threats that have never been seen before. However, Norton 360's detection software is a little better than Webroot's, but Webroot makes up for that with an added layer of security against keyloggers called Spy Sweeper. This piece of software provides an additional layer of protection against any kind of malware, adware, or spyware that tries to steal personal information. Also, they have Shields which cover different sources from your computer such as the registry or internet. The Shields can be tweaked so that they don't block programs or websites that you want to access but they block. One downside to Webroot's antivirus/antispyware software is that the scans use a lot of your computer's resources. When conducting a scan, you will notice your computer performance drop dramatically. However, this shouldn't be too much of a problem because the program is configured to run when your computer is idle, so it won't disrupt you when you use it. 

Also, Webroot packed some great utilities into this software package too. They have many tools to speed up your computer, such as deleting unused files and cleaning the registry, and they also have many tools to completely erase your internet traces, such as cookies, history, and cache. 

Webroots made this suite of programs very easy to use with a user-friendly interface. I especially liked the simplicity of the firewall. All the user has to do is choose a profile, and they're ready to use it. It runs in the background and although it takes some time to "learn" the user's preferences, it runs very smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, Webroot Internet Security 2011 is one of, if not, the best computer security suites in the market. This suite costs $79.95 on Webroot's website, but it only costs $43.39 on Amazon.