Are Cell Phones Virus Free ?
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Are Cell Phones Virus Free ?

Have you ever got infected by a virus on your computer ? Ever wondered if this could happen on your cell phone ? What could you do to prevent this ? what kind of mobile phones are the targets of viruses ? Is there any mobile have no known viruses ? All these questions will be answered in the following lines.

A little presentation before answering all your questions:

Whenver we talk about viruses we always think about computers but have you ever thought of cell phone viruses ? Your computer catches viruses because of the Internet, since your cell phone can go on it, does this mean they can catch viruses too ? Well, for long viruses have not made massive appearances in mobile phones. However, more and more phones, called smartphones are similar to microcomputers regarding their software's structure. They are connected to the Internet, applications can be received from the outside, they can receive emails and run programs including web pages. Viruses are transmitted through email attachments, downloads from the Internet and Bluetooth transfers from other smartphones. In addition, operators are aware of these dangers and should, in the futur, be more cautious regarding downloadable applications. These ingredients are precisely those who favored the arrival of the virus in the PC world. With the advent of the Android operating system from Google, which equips the majority of smartphones, the risks have increased, this system becomes a prime target for hackers.

How can I protect myself from cell phone viruses ?

It is the same principle as for computers, some companies are beginning to offer anti-virus software for mobile phones. You can take precautions by destroying any message or received suspicious email on your smartphone and remaining cautious about the applications that you download.

So is it Safer to connect to the Internet on my computer or on my phone ?

Obviously connecting a computer (mostly PCs) to the Internet is a target for viruses whereas PCs that are not connected aren't: it is the same for mobile phones. The cell phoneson the market had a system of protection implied by the fact that it was extremely fragmented. The PC's operating system held the majority (80%) of the market share when mobile leaders had only a bit (7%). This is what discouraged hackers from creating viruses against mobile phones. Today, with the advent of the Android operating system, which equips about 50% of smartphones, the situation has changed. This platform becomes a target for hackers. Nowadays, your phone is not more secure than your PC. 

This article shouldn't make you panic but its purpose is to warn you of what is out there. You may never get a virus on your cell phone but it is best to be warned in order to take necessary decisions. However, some smartphones; like the Iphones, currently have no known viruses so before buying a "cell phone anti-virus", please inform yourself on your mobile regarding its security and operating system.

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