5 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft While Using Social Networking Sites
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5 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft While Using Social Networking Sites

There are many instances that our online accounts and identity could be stolen by other unknown individuals. By understanding the tips to avoid identity theft while using social networking sites is one way of protecting our personal privacy and confidential information. In addition, we also need to be careful enough in using social networking sites to hide ourselves from online stalkers.

Social networking sites are commonly participated and enjoyed by computer users both young and old. However without knowing, these sites could lead to information being stolen and used inappropriately. Although there are many claims that participating on social networking sites are really enjoyable and means of communicating to other people without any cost, our privacy and personal information are the most important parts of our personality. Using social networking sites are really enjoyable in some aspects but as computer users and Internet surfers, we have to balance everything and consider the negative impacts of too much information provided on these sites. These are the possible effects of identity theft caused by social networking site information being stolen.

1. Defamation

2. Stolen Financial Transactions

3. Stolen Credit Card Information

4. Use of Images to Sites which have Censored Contents

5. Others Can Spy Our Day to Day Activities

Those above effects are the commonly experienced effects of over feeding of information to social networking sites. These effects could eventually lead to failure of our personality, business and even financial capabilities. Remember that there are so many individuals out there trying to steal our information and use it without our permission. However, by learning the tips to avoid identity theft especially those which are caused by participation in social networking sites are a good start in protecting our privacy while using the Internet. These are the best things to do to protect our privacy and enjoy using social networking sites with no worries.

Use Strong Username and Password

Of course, the very first thing that we have to consider is our own username and password. This is actually the most important thing to consider in protecting our privacy online. Using strong username and password means using an alpha-numeric (letters and numbers) and symbols combination especially on our password and as much as possible, try to memorize this password and avoid writing it on a piece of paper or using password management software. This is the best ways to protect the entire account on any social networking site or commercial websites. In fact, this is one of the best tips to avoid identity theft while enjoying the use of social networking sites.

Never Confirm Friend Requests from Unknown Users

Other tips in avoiding identity theft not confirming new friend requests and denying its request most computer users or Internet surfers don't mind who the people are requesting to be their friends. In fact, they just approve it to gain more friends because of the belief that the more friends the better and more enjoyable to participate on social networking websites. This is actually a big no when we talk about privacy issues because there are certain parts of our accounts which could only be seen by our friends. Anyone can spy our personal and confidential information online without having us notified, they can gather our phone numbers and email addresses and sell it Internet marketers out there.

Avoid Uploading Personal and Confidential Photos

Most of the time, computer users enjoy uploading their latest photos and videos to social networking sites. However, the big question that they should ask themselves is "What is the purpose of these photos being uploaded?” It is like they are just feeding other people with complete information that could be used against them someday. In fact, sexy photos are being stolen by censored uploading websites which has no confirmation from the owner of the photos. In this case, it is better and safer not to upload confidential photos on any websites on the Internet. This is one of the effective tips to avoid identity theft not only from social networking sites but also other sites.

Avoid Writing Posts which Contain Personal Information

Another exciting feature of participating on social networking sites is the ability of every user to write post, messages, shout outs, chat and other messages to other people from different parts of the world. This is really exciting as long as they don't provide any of their information such as full name, complete address, telephone numbers, email address and birth date. In addition, it is better to only communicate to people which we know personally to avoid our identity being stolen. These are some of the best tips to avoid identity theft while using social networking sites.

Always think Twice before Clicking a Link

One of the simplest tips to avoid identity theft online is by always thinking twice before clicking any link. Sometimes while we enjoy participating on social networking sites, there are links that unexpectedly appear from unknown sources. There are many consequences of clicking these links from unknown sources such as stolen identity, product marketing, computer virus infection and of course wasting of time. It is very important to totally avoid these links trying to lure us and send us from different sites.

Those are the above mentioned tips to avoid identity theft mostly from using social networking websites. By understanding the above information properly, we can assure that we are aware and safe in accessing these types of sites. We should always be responsible for the protection of our own privacy.

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Comments (1)

Excellent article! Even though this has been said many many times before the amount of people that still do not abide these tips is absurd.